The process we use to fit your pieces together is customized. We begin with our 20-30 minute initial consultation (Free) to discover your needs. After a thorough interview to identify issues, the goal setting is developed. Then the data gathered will be examined for alternatives. We will ensure that these plans are implemented and executed effectively. A quarterly report will then reveal detail results, that will be reviewed and possibly revised due to performance and other factors.

1. Initial Consultation and Data Gathering

The initial consultation is free. During this twenty-to-thirty minute meeting, we will introduce ourselves and discuss what you can expect from HFH Planning, giving you an opportunity to discover if your needs will be satisfied by our approach. We present a list of documents to bring to the next meeting to start the process of creating your personal financial plan.

2. Identification of Issues

A thorough interview to identify pertinent issues and establish short and long-term financial goals. We emphasize a holistic approach to your financial situation by examining your values, attitudes, expectations, and risk tolerance.

3. Goal Setting

Few of us have ever sat down and truly clarified our goals. During this process we assist you in defining, refining, and prioritizing your ideas into realistic concrete goals.

4. Examination of Alternatives

After the meeting we analyze your data. We then present viable alternatives to you. We discuss the pros and cons of each plan of action. You will be able to make an informed decision about your financial future.

5. Implementation

We will work with you to ensure that the plan is executed effectively. This may be accomplished exclusively through HFH Planning, or in combination with your existing professional team.

6. Review/Revision

If you retain us for ongoing planning and investment services, we prepare a quarterly report detailing the results of your individual holdings and comparing them to relevant benchmarks. We will suggest changes to your portfolio due to performance, shifts in goals, or life events. See a sample of our Investment Review.